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Tip: How to decorate a cheese platter

How can I decorate a lovely cheese platter?

If you wish to serve up a cheese buffet you can cater for various tastes depending on the selection. The classical composition is made up of Emmental and Tilsiter hard and semi-hard cheese combined with soft cheese with white mould, a soft cheese with blue mould and a cream cheese.

It doesn't matter whether it is a small or large framework - one should allow for 200g - 240g per person for a cheese platter.

For a cold and hot buffet you should allow for approx. 140g - 180g cheese per person; for desserts this should be approx. 50g - 80g of cheese per person.

Finally there is another small detail to consider: just like the wine the cheese should develop its aroma at the right temperature - between 15°C and 20°C depending on the type with the fresh ones having a slightly lower temperature and the ripe soft or semi-hard cheeses a somewhat higher one.

The cheese should be taken out of the fridge in good time i.e. half an hour to an hour before consumption so that it can adjust slowly to the room temperature.