What is semi-hard cheese?

Semi-hard cheese is the largest of the groups by some distance. They require at least 4 weeks to ripen with the quality and intensity of taste of the cheese increasing if the period is longer. This means that cheeses which are ripened for a short period (such as Gouda) have a very mild taste, whereas those ripened over a longer period (like Appenzeller) are much more powerful and intense in their taste.

As with hard cheese the ripening temperature is the decisive factor in the formation of holes. Large holes develop at higher temperatures. Few small holes develop at lower ripening temperatures as is the case for Edam or Appenzeller for example.

Well-known types: Gouda, Edam, Tilsiter, Wilstermarscher, Raclette, Appenzeller

The vegetable compartment and a special cheese container which is not air-tight are suitable for the storage of semi-hard cheese and hard cheese.